Wickles Southern Charcuterie

Entertaining has never been easier, or more wickedly delicious!



  1. Cook your bacon
  2. Prep your Ham and Pickle roll ups, spread a layer of cream cheese on a slice of Honey Ham, place Wickles Dirty Dill Baby Dill on top of cream cheese, roll then slice
  3. Prep your Deviled Eggs
  4. Roll your Honey Ham and Oven Roasted Turkey and chop your Bell Pepper
  5. Dish your Pimento Cheese, Wickles Dirty Dill Okra and Wickles Wicked Garden Mix into small bowls
  6. Slice Wickles Dirty Dill Baby Dills in half
  7. Plate all of the ingredients on your preferred serving platter
  8. Option to make a kid friendly smaller plate
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